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Searching for reusable alternatives

Help me out.. what can I use instead of these disposable, single-use items?

  1. Dental floss
  2. Cotton buds (mainly used  for drying ears)
  3. Freezer bags – for separating bulk lots of meat to freeze
  4. Something to put meat in when buying it from the butcher/supermarket other than plastic bags
  5. Bread bags when buying fresh bread from places like Brumbies
  6. Paper towel – to cover food when reheating in the microwave
  7. Batteries – I need to invest in some rechargable ones. Do they come in sizes other than AA?
  8. Plastic cutlery when eating takeaway – I’ve seen little cutlery sets that clip together in camping shops, maybe I should get a set or two for my handbag.
  9. Plastic bags for bin liners (I’ve run out at the moment.. using strange bits and pieces like the carrot bag..)
  10. Razor – yep, probably should get an electric razor for my legs?

Jobs I’ve had

  1. Piano Teacher
  2. Accompanist 
  3. Background musician in restaurants
  4. Applied Behaviour Therapist with a little autistic child
  5. Vacation Care childcare worker
  6. Trainer at Curves Gym
  7. ‘Research Assistant’ (fancy title for one of those people who accosts you in shopping centres to do a survey..)
  8. Foodcourt cleaner (never EVER again!)
  9. Currently..? a housewife..
  10. And a mother!

Slings, wraps and carriers

  1. Ring Sling – my first sling, purchased from markets at the beach before my daughter was born. It was bright coloured with yellow, red, orange, pink and white stripes. I couldn’t work out how to use it, until a wonderful friend showed me how when my baby was about 5-6 weeks old. And I’ve been baby-wearing ever since! This one is now with a friend up north.
  2. HotSling – I bought #2 and 3 when my daughter was about 3 months old using credit from an online store (I’d bought two nursing tops that exposed your stomach when you tried to access the ‘discreet feeding panels’.. the store wouldn’t refund me the money, so I choose to buy carriers rather than risk money of terrible clothes again. I’ve had other nursing tops that were brilliant, so it was just this particular design). The HotSling was mainly used for quick trips, such as getting the mail.
  3. Sleepy Wrap – I used this wrap from about 3-10 months, and found it great for long periods of time, and breast-feeding on the go. The only downside was that I really had to tie it on before I left home, as I didn’t like letting the fabric trail on the ground in the carpark as I was tying it. 
  4. Ergo carrier – I’d been unsure about how I’d find structured carriers, as I’m fairly short, until I was able to try an Ergo on at a shop while away on holidays. I ordered one as soon as I got home! We’ve been using it ever since, from 10 months to now, and I’m sure we’ll be using it for much longer. In the past 7 months, I’ve actually been baby-wearing more than with a young baby, as I gave up on trying to get my daughter to sleep on her own during the day, as she’d always wake after 20-40 minutes. She now sleeps in the ergo during the day, and mostly has a much needed 2-3 hour sleep. 
  5. Second sleepy wrap – I bought this second-hand off a local sell/swap/buy site, with the intention of it being a back-up when purposes of being able to lend it to anyone who asked about mine, and also as a back up if I’m privileged to have another baby down the track (my first often did little sick-ups in the ring sling, and I’d be desperately waiting for it to try so we could use it again!). I didn’t realise how many more I was about to acquire.. I now lend this to anyone who asks about baby-wearing for them to try.
  6. Peanut Sling – Bought second-hand from the same sell/swap/buy site. I leave it in the boot of the car, incase I somehow forget to put the ergo in.
  7. Baba Sling – another second hand one, sent to me by a generous person after I saw one second hand and asked about it. I need to find someone who’d like to borrow this one?
  8. Catbird Mei Tai – I was the lucky winner of this one through a giveaway, and it is what I reach for when the Ergo needs a wash (which it needs regularly.. but gets rarely!). I prefer this one over the Ergo for back carry, as I can tie the straps how I like, whereas the Ergo seems to pull on my stomach (suggestions anyone?)
  9. Limited Edition AngelPack ‘Natalie’ on its way once released – I could not be more excited about this one..!! AngelPack and their Australia distributor, Ninky Bear, ran a competition to select a fabric for a LE AngelPack, and not only did my choice make it to the 6 finalists, but won! The print is a black and white paisley, and will go with everything – I’m planning on using this as my ‘going out’ carrier, and keeping the faded ergo for farmwork and home. 
  10. I was going to say my husband’s shoulders and my hip for this last point.. but I’ve decided to leave it open. One day soon I’d love to make it to a sling meet and learn how to back carry with a Woven Wrap. I think I’d then have to buy one of my own..
What slings/wrap/carriers do you have? And what’s your favourite?

Things that make me sneeze..

I’m sitting here sneezing and coughing, and hoping like crazy that this cold builds up my immunity for the rest of winter. I’ve been washing some much appreciated hand-me-down clothes today, thought I may as well sneeze from them at the same time that I’m sneezing from being sick. I used to get hayfever constantly, and never knew whether I had a cold or hayfever. I’m aware of most irritants now, so try to avoid the ones I can, and can at least identify what’s causing the problem when I’m out and can’t control the environment.
  1. Cats, houses where there’s been a cat.. and people wearing clothes they’ve been near a cat in.. 
  2. Horses
  3. Dust (outdoor, especially grain/hay dust)
  4. Dustmites in houses – carpets, blankets, clothes in storage (even washed jumpers in zip-lock bags.. don’t ask me why)
  5. Papers (newspaper print, tissues..)
  6. Perfumes
  7. Aerosols (especially deodorants and insect sprays)
  8. Most cleaning products
  9. Regular laundry powders
  10. And at the moment.. even sifting flour..!! Arghhh

Books we’ve been reading together since newborn days

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?
  2. Australian Babies (Magabala Books)
  3. Farm Book – Lamaze
  4. Touch & Feel – Steve Parish
  5. The Very Busy Spider
  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  7. Time for Bed – Mem Fox
  8. My Nursery Rhyme Collection
  9. Nicola Tuxworth picture books
  10. Hop on Pop

10 signs that your newborn is super smart

Baby Einstein already? from

via 10 signs that your newborn is super smart.

Reusable cloth products

  1. Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN’s)
  2. Cloth wipes (for baby’s bottom) 
  3. Wet bags (to bring home wet nappies, to store nappies in until the next wash at home, and much more)
  4. Change Mats
  5. Menstrual pads
  6. Breastpads
  7. Handkerchiefs
  8. Facewashers (for sticky fingers, and any other time disposable wipes might be called for)
  9. Dish cloths – for the sink and benches
  10. Cleaning cloths – for everything else, including floors, windows, dusting.
 #1-4 are washed together and the rest go together in the normal washes with either clothes or towels. 
I’m a bit particular with my cleaning cloths, so the dishcloth is often replaced a few times a day!

Action Songs

  1. Open, Shut Them
  2. Eency Wincy Spider
  3. Dingle Dangle Scarecow
  4. Hokey Pokey
  5. If you’re happy and you know it
  6. Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  8. 5 Little Ducks
  9. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around
  10. I’m a Little Tea Pot

Comment below if you don’t know the words or actions to any of these, and I’ll write them out for you!

Phrase I (try to) say

I resisted to urge to look up my favourite parenting article bookmarks and quote them, and decided to write this list of phrases that I have found very helpful in my interactions with my nearly 17mo daughter on a day to day basis. I’ll link up some great blog posts from others another day, which will probably help to explain where some of these come from. 
  1. I can see that you are upset/frustrated/tired 
  2. Would you like me to help you? 
  3. You’re having so much fun/concentrating. Soon it will be time for …
  4. (shortly followed by) I think you would love to play at x for ages. It is now time for x.
  5. I need to finish what I’m doing, I’ll read/play/listen to you very soon/when x is done (a tangible conclusion – eg these plates are all in the drainer/the socks are put away).
  6. I can’t let you play with that, it’s hot/sharp/very special.
  7. Gentle hands please / I like it when you are gentle
  8. Yesterday/earlier we did that, and it was so much fun. This time we’re going to … instead.
  9. Rephrasing requests to provide a visual image of the required action such as ‘Walk slowly’ rather than ‘don’t run’ / ‘hands on your knees’ rather than ‘don’t touch x’. My favourite is “look with your eyes” – it helps us deflect inquisitive hands in so many situations, such as when things are precious/hot/poisonous/not ours! 
  10. I love to watch you … (play/run/discover/read.. endless options!)

Ways I’ve used Coconut Oil

Personal Care
  1.  Lip Balm
  2. Moisturiser
  3. Soothing cream for itches and bites
  4. Salve for raw nose from a cold/hayfever
 Baby Care
      5.  Nappy rash treatment cream
      6. Cradle Cap
     7.  Shallow frying
     8.  Baking
     9.  Leather conditioner
     10.  Pet care – on cut paws
For more uses, see Hybrid Rasta Mama’s post

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