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Reusable food storage.

I’m always looking for new ways to cut down, or even eliminate, plastic usage in our kitchen, and when out and about. I’d love to never have a single-use plastic bag in the house again, and even better, so have all our food storage in glass or stainless steel. Here are some of my favourite finds.

  1. 4MyEarth has just released their new food covers, I’d love to get some soon.
  2. I love my wraps and pockets from 4MyEarth too. I was given some for Christmas, and have since purcahsed more.
  3. I just discovered Harvest Haversack through a giveaway at Tooodayi. *Be quick, the giveaway ends on 31st July! *  The Bread Bag would answer one of the problems I was contemplating in my last post..
  4. I keep all my glass bottles to put pantry staples in, but have to say my Nuigini Coconut Oil ones are my favourite.
  5. I have 3 different sizes of Ecotanka stainless steel drink bottles, and love them both for home and travelling.
  6. My daughter has a Kiddie Concepts drink bottle, just like Mum’s Ecotanka!
  7. My little bag of Onya Weigh bags are great for buying fruit and veges without the plastic.
  8. I found a Foogo on special while shopping one day, and have loved having an insulated container to keep food warm or cold while out.
  9. I have 3 of these Lunchbots containers, which I love for going out, as well as serving and storing snacks in at home.
  10. And of course, reusable shopping bags are great. I have a light weight basket which is wonderful for taking to the Farmer’s Market, as well as a variety of lightweight bags that fold up and clip onto a keyring.

What are your favourite reusable food storage items? I’ll be back soon with a post on what’s been happening for the last couple of months, and some goals for blogging in the future.


Searching for reusable alternatives

Help me out.. what can I use instead of these disposable, single-use items?

  1. Dental floss
  2. Cotton buds (mainly used  for drying ears)
  3. Freezer bags – for separating bulk lots of meat to freeze
  4. Something to put meat in when buying it from the butcher/supermarket other than plastic bags
  5. Bread bags when buying fresh bread from places like Brumbies
  6. Paper towel – to cover food when reheating in the microwave
  7. Batteries – I need to invest in some rechargable ones. Do they come in sizes other than AA?
  8. Plastic cutlery when eating takeaway – I’ve seen little cutlery sets that clip together in camping shops, maybe I should get a set or two for my handbag.
  9. Plastic bags for bin liners (I’ve run out at the moment.. using strange bits and pieces like the carrot bag..)
  10. Razor – yep, probably should get an electric razor for my legs?

Ways I’ve used Coconut Oil

Personal Care
  1.  Lip Balm
  2. Moisturiser
  3. Soothing cream for itches and bites
  4. Salve for raw nose from a cold/hayfever
 Baby Care
      5.  Nappy rash treatment cream
      6. Cradle Cap
     7.  Shallow frying
     8.  Baking
     9.  Leather conditioner
     10.  Pet care – on cut paws
For more uses, see Hybrid Rasta Mama’s post

Foods I eat now that I didn’t 5 years ago

  1. Avocado
  2. Natural yoghurt
  3. Chia seeds
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Pistachios
  6. Wheatgerm
  7. Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  8. Tahini
  9. Other flours – Rye, Spelt, Wholemeal
  10. LSA (ground linseed, sunflower and almond mix)

Now I’m hungry…

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