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Things that make me sneeze..

I’m sitting here sneezing and coughing, and hoping like crazy that this cold builds up my immunity for the rest of winter. I’ve been washing some much appreciated hand-me-down clothes today, thought I may as well sneeze from them at the same time that I’m sneezing from being sick. I used to get hayfever constantly, and never knew whether I had a cold or hayfever. I’m aware of most irritants now, so try to avoid the ones I can, and can at least identify what’s causing the problem when I’m out and can’t control the environment.
  1. Cats, houses where there’s been a cat.. and people wearing clothes they’ve been near a cat in.. 
  2. Horses
  3. Dust (outdoor, especially grain/hay dust)
  4. Dustmites in houses – carpets, blankets, clothes in storage (even washed jumpers in zip-lock bags.. don’t ask me why)
  5. Papers (newspaper print, tissues..)
  6. Perfumes
  7. Aerosols (especially deodorants and insect sprays)
  8. Most cleaning products
  9. Regular laundry powders
  10. And at the moment.. even sifting flour..!! Arghhh

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